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If there is one thing we love, it's ...

...the smell of great food wafting around in the fresh air. There are not many people than can say the smell of a rich flavoured hog roasting in the open doesn't bring a almost instant response from their senses.

At PiggyPiggyRoast, we pride ourselves on creating that almost yearning in people that comes from knowing your about to dig in to a tasty bap wrapped around a huge succulent piece of roasted hog alongside your preference of stuffing, gravy, apple sauce or any other combination of flavours.

Our food speaks volumes of our love of the great outdoors and beautiful food and we aim to combine the two a harmoneous mix at every event we attend.

We are a family run business which started our it's early life 4 years ago. Since then we have grown to appreciate our loves even more and have gained lots of knowledge and experience along our travels. From the different preferences our guests have brought fourth, to the greater undersanding of our prepping and cooking we have gone from strength to strength and had some great times along the way.

Whether your throwing a bit of a doo for family and friends, planning your big day or looking to introduce a team building event for your work colleagues, outdoor cooking can bring another level to your event.. and who doesn't love tucking in to a hog!

When it comes to food, why settle for anything
less than the absolute best!

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